Seawater desalination plants 12 or 24 Volt DC.

DC 320/500, eine Membrane

DD 500 with smooth-running and maintenance-free direct drive of the high-pressure pump unit. Proven for years, good technical vote.

In tight spaces also with belt drive (Typ DC) available from stock.

From a technical point of view, if possible, choose the direct drive (completely maintenance-free, quieter running).


Modell ltr./h Amps Membrane Price excl. tax Price incl. 19% German tax
DD 500 12 volt 60 44 1 x SW 30-2540 € 4.536,97 € 5.399,00
DD 500 24 volt 60 22 1 x SW 30-2540 € 4.536,97 € 5.399,00
DC 500 12 volt 60 44 1 x SW 30-2540 € 4.536,97 € 5.399,00
DC 500 24 volt 60 22 1 x SW 30-2540 € 4.536,97 € 5.399,00

Deliveries to countries outside the EU without 19% German VAT.

The corresponding manuals and data sheets can be found here.

High-pressure pump head in Duplex-stainless steel 1.4462

After careful material studies and experience with seawater desalination plants that has been acquired for 20 years, we fabricate the core of our high-pressure pumps, the pump head, from Duplex-stainless steel 1.4462. On this precision part, milled from the solid on CNC machines, we offer a lifetime warranty.

Pressure control valve in Duplex stainless steel 1.4462

Specially designed ensures reliable constant working pressure.

Feed pump with magnetic drive

The feed pump that is included in the scope of delivery is a high-efficiency pump with magnetic drive. Due to the magnetic drive, leakages that occur in feed pumps with slide ring seal are out of the question.

Drive motor for continuous operation

The industry permanent magnet motors, manufactured in Germany from best materials, stand for highest efficiency. The fan-cooled motors are made for a continuous operation at 40˚C ambient temperature.

Membranes and high-pressure pipes – proven for years

The proven industry membranes, type Seawater 2540, are worldwide available. The high-pressure pipes, manufactured from FRP in large-scale production, guarantee an almost unlimited durability.

By combination of all these components, we offer you a quality product "made in Germany" for a failure-free operation that is reliable for years

Complete delivery incl. feed pump, control panel, filter housing, hoses, manual fresh water flushing system and cleaning tank for preservation and cleaning of the plant.

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The drinking water production changes according to the salinity, the temperature of the seawater and the age of the R.O. membrane. The data regarding the fresh water production apply to a salinity of 35 grams/liter at a temperature of 25ºCelsius (77°Fahrenheit) at the new membrane. A discrepancy up to 10% +/- is within the usual range.

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